Play to Earn NFT Game - MetaFloki Avatars

MetaFloki Avatars is a play to earn NFT game, offering an exclusive opportunity to grow your token while playing. Our Vision is to create a whole new world of imagination filled in our game, We will be bringing bigger versions of games with more creative planetary Avatars to play with in the future. 

Game Play

Get ready for the game full of imagination.

MetaFloki Avatars is a play to earn game, offering an exclusive opportunity to increase your token while playing, Our vision is to create a whole new world of imagination filled in our game, We will be bringing bigger versions of games with more of our Avatars and to play with in future.
Game Play:
1. There will be various Avatars to select. They can be custom made.
2. There will be various mode of game play:
a) 1 vs 1 – Two will bet a amount, the winner takes the full money.
b) Tournament- There will be three rounds, winner takes the 6x of entry amount.
c) Story mode- Built your army and conquer the planet.

Simple Right! Lot more is coming

Millions of galaxies away, far from our own, there exists a planet BLU with four mighty civilizations. They are:
  • Water Flokis
  • Fire Flokis
  • Air Flokis
  • Land Flokis → AI Flokis
For ages, Land Flokis have been constantly discriminated against by the rest of the three civilizations due to their “Meta Ability,” which is “Intelligence.” Enraged, tired and frustrated with the current hierarchy and years of tyranny,  Land Flokis decided to invent AI and use that as a powerful weapon to conquer all other civilizations. Thus began the Great War of Power.

Game Preview

Floki Avatars

Fire Floki 

They possesmeta abilities related to fire, you can purchase NFT’s related to Fire Floki category

Water Floki 

They have power such as fast swimming, water shockwaves.

Land Floki 

They Lack meta ability but they are the most intelligent race.

Air Floki 

They can fly, they have air weapons.

AI Floki 

They are robotic and created by LAnd Floki, They have great strength and advanced weapons.

Fire Floki 

They live in volcanic regions and possess meta abilities related to fire. For Instance, they can breathe out fire, among several other equally spectacular skills.

Water Floki 

They live underwater and possess meta abilities related to water. Water blades, water shockwaves, swimming at abnormally fast rates are some of their impressive skills. They also have fins and gills to adapt and live underwater.

Land Floki 

They live on land and are the only species that lack meta abilities tied to their habitat. On the bright
side, their meta abilities make them the planet BLU’s most intelligent race.

Air Floki 

They are mountain dwellers with wings to their advantage. They have meta ability related to air, such as air gun, air shock, etc.

AI Floki 

Invented by Land Flokis to conquer the other civilizations, AI has high
intelligence and a mechanical body with incredible strength. Except for its extraordinary intelligence, its skills are purely technological.

NFT Marketplace


Story Line

MetaFA Token

MetaFA token allows players to use in game to purchase assets and NFTS, keep playing and growing both your army and token.


Reflection in Cardano

3% Of each trade transaction will be distributed to all holders, grow your investment and HODL.


3% Of each trade will be added to the liquidity pool.


3% of each trade will buys MetaFA when the price drops, which will be burn later.


3% Of each trade will be sent to the marketing wallet to insure a sustainable business model.

** Liquidity is locked for 1500 Days.**

Why Reflections in Cardano?
Cardano like us is a blockchain platform for changemakers. innovators and visionaries, with the tolls and technologies required to create the possibility for the many, as well as the few, and bring about positive global change.











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